#15 on the Best Books Every Lawyer Should Read list. –Nathaniel Fried,

5.0 out of 5 stars. – [Aggregate reader scores]

Brave work by Scott Cole! Having lived in the Bay Area during this 1994 event, I was shocked to learn the extent of the cover up. The world needs more tenacious and dedicated attorneys like Scott.   –Mimi Towle, Editor, Marin Magazine

It’s easy to call yourself a “lawyer for the people,” but Scott Cole recounts this dramatic true story as meticulously as he built his case against Unocal. Fallout is an exceptional story of corporate wrongdoing and the crusade to make a small California town whole again.   –Peter Kane, Editor SF Weekly.

Fallout is a saga of courage and determination–good vs. evil.  Scott Cole, an idealistic young lawyer, freshly out of law school, takes on Unocal, a multi-billion petroleum company used to getting its way. For 16 days in 1994, a small blue-collar Northern California town is exposed to an airborne chemical release that rained down contaminants upon the entire community, putting lives at risk. Fallout is the story of an environmental nightmare, a high stakes game of corporate greed, legal maneuvering and intrigue.  Scott’s easy story telling style is able to masterfully place the reader front and center as this drama unfolds, getting to know the characters intimately. This is a great read for anyone interested in understanding the complex world of class action lawsuits, the warring lawyers in this space, and how far corporations are sometimes willing to go protect their profits!   –George Gascón, District Attorney, San Francisco.

A wrenching story of toxicity, both chemical and human–and the forces of redemption that overcame it. This book is proof that the tenacity of one determined individual can triumph over the greed and apathy of many. Read it and be emboldened to do the right thing.   –Jennifer Raiser, Journalist and Author.

Author Scott Cole blends technical information about how the legal system really works — the politics, the competition, the pressures — with a remarkable, true story about a massive toxic chemical disaster he uncovered. Well written and insightful, I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a compelling read.   –Susan Alcorn, Shepherd Canyon Books.


No upcoming events are planned at this time, but check back with us. Scott has appeared at numerous author events and Fallout is used by various law schools. The book is also currently in screenplay development. More to come on when and where the story might be available on the big screen.